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Studio Apparatus 

Monday, May 21st 2018

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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St. Paul Lightroom Workshop


This fully encompassing workshop will walk you through a variety of methods to keep your workflow fast, clean and well-organized. Learn the powerful organization features of Lightroom, as well as basic Develop tools and how to effectively batch-process your images. Automate your backups, find more effective tools for culling, and learn the best file preparation methods to retain as much image quality as possible for your exports.

All Ages | 18 Person Cap | $80


From import to gallery upload, an efficient workflow is the key to spending less time on the computer, and more time shooting & creating. Lightroom is still undoubtedly the most effective tool for streamlining your digital process by keeping you highly organized, and quickly preparing your images for delivery. Are you making the most out of what it has to offer?

Topics covered:

• Properly setting up your workstation for effective results
• Overview of Lightroom Library, Develop & Export functions
• Integrating other powerful applications into your workflow
• Solutions for calibration + preparing files for print or gallery upload
• Backup and external device solutions

You are guaranteed to leave this class with a faster, more efficient workflow, as well as an expanded knowledge of Lightroom features!

David Kasyanyuk is a self-taught photographer & creative professional with a passion for the arts in its many forms, as well as a strong discipline in the technical elements of modern media production. He has years of experience mentoring groups and individuals on photography, Lightroom and related workflow topics.


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