Our building

Apparatus is located in a warehouse along the river overlooking downtown St. Paul, less than a mile away from I-94 or Highway 52.

We have a large private parking lot with loading dock access.
There are carts and pallet jacks available, as well as a freight elevator up to our floor. Our studio staff is happy to assist you with loading in.

Our studio is situated on the top floor in a corner suite, with 9 large windows that provide splendid natural light, which can be blacked out by request.

We have 16’ ceilings, white brick walls and concrete floors.
Max electrical output is 2500W per circuit, with 2 circuits available.


Building Info

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Studio Layout

Day rentals typically include access to the Main Studio, Kitchen & Lounge spaces. Access to the Boudoir is available at an additional rate.

Access to the external secondary shooting bay is welcomed but privacy in this area cannot be guaranteed. Our floor is home to other tenants, and our restrooms are a shared commodity, therefore building activity is possible, though infrequent.

The studio is about 3200 sq feet in total, with about 1200 sq feet in the main studio, and 1200 sq feet of other shooting areas.

We have standard double-doors to get into the space (6” wide entrance) and there are power outlets on all primary beams in the main studio, every 14 feet.


Main Studio

The Main Studio is our primary shooting space. The open space is about 28' x 28', with a 12' x 14' stage in the corner, and an 8' x 10' salon area for hair & makeup prep. There are 5 windows to allow for natural light, which can be blacked out on request. The space is highly adaptable and can easily be rearranged to accomodate your needs.


Located in a private room within the Main Studio, we have a space specifically tailored for boudoir shoots, with a beautiful white bed, canopy overhang, and a variety of blankets, pillows and throws to choose from. The boudoir also features 3 unique wall textures to shoot with, and contains some of our nicer furniture pieces. We also offer silk robes for coverup as a courtesy. There is an additional fee for reserving the boudoir, and it cannot be rented on its own.


The studio has a nearly complete kitchen, with a sink, fridge, microwave, single induction burner, coffee maker and a water filtration system, along with all the dishware you may need all at your convenience. We offer complimentary coffee and tea, and espresso for purchase.

External bay

Outside our shooting space, in the commons area, we offer an additional 800 sq ft shooting area, with a 14x14' white wall, and 14x14' wall in a textured fashion grey. The external bay also features a rolling wall facet that has 2-different colored sides that are seasonally repainted. This area is not enclosed within our space, and is directly in front of the floor's bathrooms, therefore privacy cannot be gauranteed, but activity is infrequent on our quiet floor.