We believe skill development and self-actualization are at the core of creative excellence.  

They say wealth is useless until spent; we believe knowledge is wasted if not shared.  

At Studio Apparatus, we’re proud to provide the resources and expertise to help artists and creative professionals grow and succeed by facilitating an ongoing curriculum of entry-level courses, specialized workshops led by industry pros, & one-on-one mentor sessions.




2019 Workshops are still in the works. Please check back soon!

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Our one-on-one mentorship program allows you to engage with a local creative professional on a specific skill or subject. Mentoring is custom tailored to your needs & goals, and is offered as an individual session or as a series of sessions over a set period.

We're also happy to offer critical feedback sessions to help strengthen your abilities. After providing an overview of your creative identity, we'll offer comprehensive feedback on your presence, the strengths & weaknesses of your practice, as well as a portfolio review.

These sessions are a valuable resource for creatives of any experience level, in an unbiased and judgment-free setting.

The Fine print

+ please carefully read event details

All of our event pages elaborately detail the necessary information you need to be prepared. Please review this information before attending an event to make sure you've met the requirements!

+ Refunds & cancellations

Admission to classes, workshops & other events are non-refundable once purchased; with the only exception being that the event has been cancelled or rescheduled to a date you're not available to attend. In the event of cancellation, you will be notified promptly with a full refund.

If you purchased admission to a class and are unable to attend for any reason, you may be eligible to attend a future class, if it is repeated.

+ Satisfaction guarantee

Our instructors are applying their knowledge and expertise to the best of their ability with honest intentions. We try to ensure that no questions are left unanswered during a class, and provide you with ongoing educational resources so that nothing is left in the dark. However, if you do feel that we fell short, we'd be happy to discuss other options to make sure you get what you came to learn.

+ A safe space for all

Studio Apparatus is committed to providing a safe space for all walks of life. We are located in a private, secure building to which we welcome our guests - but as we become acquainted with you and other guests, we hope for harmony. Disrespectful behavior & intolerance will not be tolerated. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help make your experience feel safer or more accommodating.

+ Future Classes & Workshops

We are still in the process of developing & streamlining our education curriculum. As we implement more classes, we'll get a better idea of what we can improve, do differently or offer more of. Classes & workshops will be announced seasonally, and classes will only be repeated with adequate demand - so if you enjoy our classes, please help spread the word so we can continue to offer them!