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Developing Style

Advanced Editing Techniques &
Creating Your Distinct Visual Style

Workshop Presented by David Kasyanyuk

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Computer with Lightroom & Photoshop required
All Ages  |  12 Person Cap  |  $80



Studio Apparatus

Sunday, August 16th 2018

7:00pm - 9:30pm

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90min lecture and demonstrative session on advanced editing techniques using Lightroom & Photoshop.

60-90min of open discussion and one-on-one coaching on building visual cohesiveness.

Continuing education resources to help you grow & succeed further on your own time.


Learning how to use your digital tools is only the beginning of the process. Much like a painter can learn to paint, they must still learn to become an artist. 

This workshop will demonstrate advanced editing techniques using Adobe's Photography Suite so you can learn to process your images like a pro. Afterwards, there will be an open discussion on the challenges and solutions for building a cohesive visual style, so you can ensure your images are uniquely branded as your own with quick effectiveness.

David will also personally do a brief critique of your current portfolio, offering suggestions & pointers to enable you to achieve your personal goals with editing & style.

Topics covered:

  • Camera RAW & Lightroom Develop tools
  • Best practices for preserving highest possible image detail & color retention
  • Learn how to read histograms and clipping info
  • Dodging & burning, healing brush & other essential PS tools
  • Workflow using custom presets in Lightroom
  • How to build a 'look' or visual style
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David Kasyanyuk is a self-taught photographer & creative professional with a passion for the arts in its many forms, as well as a strong discipline in the technical elements of modern media production. David started learning his craft with film, bringing images to life in the darkroom - now he spends most of his days in Lightroom. He has years of experience mentoring groups and individuals on photography, Lightroom and related workflow topics. 

David's work has been featured in numerous print & web publications. He is currently a full-time photographer, specializing in commercial work & creative, fashion-focused portraiture. He is also an owner at Studio Apparatus.

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